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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Finally it's almost Spring! Say goodbye to the winter doldrums and hello to "Soleil", a beautiful new must have yarn.

Trendsetter's new Soleil yarn is created by twisted strands of a light cotton and along the way adding carved wooden beads and 3 shapes of dye cut leaves.

Keep it simple with an easy garter stitch, or add textured stitches letting the background be as important as the textures and details added to the yarn. You do the knitting and the yarn does the rest!

For more information, check our site at

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Still Learning ..........

I recently started a knitting group that meets at a local Barnes & Nobles. It amazes me to see the skill levels of our members. I can't remember when I didn't have knitting needles in my hands, yet, I consider myself a very average knitter. Some of our members knit with beads, and I find their work to be superior. One of our members was working on a pair of socks, and tried though I may, I couldn't find a seam to see where she began or ended.

It just goes to show with this ancient craft, there's always something new to learn.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Never Loose Your Knit Knacks Again

Wow! Just when you think you've seen it all in the knitting world, along comes Knit Kits!

Tired of searching in your knitting bag or purse for all the items you need for knitting? Then The Knit Kit is your perfect solution! This kit includes a tape measure, stitch counter, thread cutter, scissors, crochet hook, stitch holders and tip protectors all on one compact device. No need to continually buy various accessories when you can have it all in one. Great for traveling by car or plane.

What a great idea, and why didn't I think of this? We're taking orders for April delivery....... really don't want to wait!

The Knit Kit $19.98

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Who Didn't Know That?

Reports out this week say knitting keeps your mind alert and your fingers nimble. Who didn't know that? All they had to do was ask a knitter what they get from knitting and the list would be endless. Knitting for me is a stress reliever, a way to express my creativity, an enjoyable quiet time and has opened a world of new friends who knit.

Are you like me? Always looking for something new to try? Do you seldom repeat a project you've already done? Are you a sock knitter who can't get enough? We just recently discovered a new manufacturer that offers quality yarn at great prices and have begun to stock their line of yarns. Jojoland offers a line called Harmony which is a worsted yarn and Melody which is a fingering weight yarn. We are so pleased with the quality and easy workmanship of these yarns.

How exciting to find something new!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Traveling Yarn Shop

Custom Yarns Announces The Traveling Yarn Shop
...The Yarn Shop Comes To You!
Clayton, NJ

With the idea that the holidays are quickly approaching, knitters who have busy schedules and little time to spend shopping will be happy to learn about Custom Yarns "Traveling Yarn Shop" where the yarn comes to you. Developed by owner Linda Ostroff, who saw a need to provide a portable service, she will bring ( to groups of eight or more ) the newest yarns and accessories,as well as free patterns and knitting tips to her customers to keep them abreast of the latest finds in the needlework world.

"I saw a need to provide this service to Knitting Guilds, Stitch & Bitches and Knitting Meet Up Groups in the Delaware Valley as gas is costly and people have limited time to shop" stated Linda Ostroff.

Custom Yarns is an online yarn shop specializing in custom blended yarns and fibers, knitting accessories and gifts for all needleworkers.

"Our group thoroughly enjoyed the time with Linda, and now we're well stocked with the most beautiful yarns for holiday gifts," commented Kim Haas of New Jersey.

To plan a visit with the Traveling Yarn Shop contact Linda Ostroff at 856-881-8062 or


Monday, July 21, 2008

Let's STOP The Hatred

Rachel Matthews, a knitter from the U.K. has recently published a book that has knitted patterns for making dolls that look like dictators such as Hitler, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein and other hate mongers. She has the audacity to call the Hitler doll "Knitler."

We knitters need to tell the world that she does not represent us and that the majority of us are kind, charitable, concerned caring people.

To learn more about this ludicrious and hateful idea click here :,-Saddam-Hussein-and-Pol-Pot-recreated-in-knitting.html

Any suggestions on how to deal with suggest - please contact us at or feel free to call toll free : 800-853-1338

Monday, July 07, 2008

Do You Knit For Charities?

Are you looking for a new way to raise funds for your organization? Custom Yarns By Linda wants to team up with you to raise money. Why not host an E-Knitting Party? We’ll work with you in a variety of ways to use our yarns and accessories to raise money. It’s fast, fun, easy and the rewards are continual.

Hand made crafts are very popular today, and the latest numbers from the Craft Yarn Council of America’s Consumer Tracking Study prove it. Knitting and crocheting projects numbers were up 13% last year, and the biggest increases in activity were in the under 35, 55-64 and 65 and older age groups. Why not profit from this fast growing hobby in a unique way?

Simply send an E-mail or post a note on your web site (or both) and invite your members to join your E-Knitting party. We will provide a Code for your group and every time an order is placed, each member will receive a 5% discount on our products. Each month we will send your organization a check for 10% of the gross sales.

E-Knitting Party Benefits :

* 10% commission on gross sales
* Members receive a 5% discount on all purchases
* No work or meetings involved
* No inventory investment
* This is a continuing promotion, not a one time offer, so your organization
will always have a fundraising source
* Members receive FREE PATTERNS with each order
* Items purchased can be used for future fundraising events
(fashion shows, auctions, etc.)
* Members receive a 5% discount on all purchases (sale items not
* Organization receives a monthly check for 10% of gross sales
* We will host private sales for your group
* Your members will be the first to learn of new yarn arrivals
* No hassle returns - simply call our 800 number and we’ll take it from there
* We can create special promotions, sales and events exclusively for your
* FREE Link to Custom Yarns by Linda website

We look forward to working with you and we know that you will soon be reaping the rewards of this exciting and easy fundraising tool

Contact us at

Toll Free: 800-853-1338